3 Ways to Get Blood Out of Carpet

3 Ways to Get Blood Out of CarpetGetting blood out of carpet fibers can be quite difficult IF you let it sit and IF you’re not aware of the steps I’m going to lay out for you below. Clearing a blood stain from your favorite floor decoration does not have to be a headache. All you have to do is this:

1) Make sure to act quickly. Nothing is more annoying than trying to get blood out of ANYTHING after it has set for a while; that goes for most stains.

2) If the blood has dried, or caked itself into the fibers of your carpet, scrape at it with something that has teeth (get creative – a comb, a fork, anything…). This will loosen the stain so that it is easier to remove.

3) Mix some dishwashing detergent with some cold water (simple but effective remedy)

4) Take a cloth or a rag or something (nothing you care about too much – don’t grab your favorite shirt), dip it into the soap/water mixture, and then blot at the stain. Do NOT scrub. Blotting, or dabbing, the rag against the stain works much better. And keep doing this until the stain is gone.

Another way to get a blood stain out of carpet is to use ammonia instead of dishwashing detergent. You can get ammonia online, or at one of your local home fixer-upper retail shops – Target, Home Depot, probably Wal-mart. Ammonia is not hard to find at all. With ammonia…

1) Mix a half of a cup of warm water with about a tablespoon of ammonia then…
2) Blot. Blot until the stain is gone.

If the stain is handled before setting too long, you can also simply just rectify it with cold water, a rag, and a vacuum.

1) Put cold water on a rag or washcloth, or if you want to be fancy, put cold water in a spray bottle
2) Start to clean, or spray, the stain from outside in so that the stain doesn’t spread
3) Pat the wet spot down with a towel to dry it, and then…
4) Vacuum the remaining residue

Voila! Your carpet should be good as new. And that, my friends, is how to get away with murder. Viola Davis has got nothing on me or any of you that have dishwashing detergent, water, and a dry old rag. But don’t take my word for it; bleed on your carpet and see how well this works. Or, you know…don’t. Be safe.

How to remove blood stains from carpet? Casual cut with a knife, the child fell and broke his nose, deep scratch – such annoying injuries occur every day and can not only spoil the mood of the one who received them, but also a favorite carpet. Cleaning carpet with traces of blood may seem like a daunting task, because the blood is one of the most stubborn substances. Today we will tell you about some small tricks that help to solve this problem is relatively easy.

Effective ways of removing the blood from the carpet enough. It means that you need, almost always have in any home. The main thing is to observe two simple rules to combat pollution:

– Possible need to clean the traces of blood as soon as possible – the sooner you take to work, the easier it will be to clean the stain;

– Hot water – an enemy to fight with blood stains – it will only exacerbate the problem, as the blood under its influence curtailed.
How to remove a fresh stain

1. First of all, dry the fresh stain with a cloth napkin or a towel – so you clean all that has not had time to soak into the carpet.

2. Try to gently clean the fresh stain with soap and water. In no case do not try to scrub the stain with force – you can just gently blot it with a tissue or towel, otherwise you risk to drive the polluter even deeper into the fibers of the fabric and clean it will be much harder.

3. Very fresh, not yet dried stains can be cleaned with cornstarch. Just whisk it to soak up the blood with the help of a broom or vacuum clean.

4. An effective way to fight with blood is a peroxide – blood will react with a solution, and you just need to get wet rag vspuzyrivshuyusya peroxide.

5. ammonia solution (1 tablespoon per half cup of water) can also help deal with the stain. The solution should be applied to pollution, without rubbing and leave for 30 minutes. Clean the remains of ammonia helps soap and warm water.

6. The mixture of vinegar and water in ratio of 1 to 2 is used as the above-described method and with ammonia.

7. Dissolve 1 tablet of aspirin in silnogazirovannoy mineral water. The resulting composition to leave the contaminated area for a few minutes. Then rub with a brush. Remains of the water and remove the cloth.

8. Mix the baking soda with water at a ratio of 2 to 1, and the resulting gruel rub the stain – it will absorb the blood, and will only be removed from a mixture of carpet remnants.
What remains when the old or dried in stains on the carpet

Methods war with old spots are the same as fresh. Perhaps only that the cleaning procedure must be applied repeatedly. Recommended initially produce mechanical carpet cleaning brush from the particles of dried blood, as well as to conduct pre-treatment stain with soap and water.

Of course, in addition to the “folk” methods you can use specialized industrial cleaners. They will help clean and fresh, and very old stain from the carpet with a very high probability. The use of such stain removers effectively in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is advisable to pre-test the vehicle on an inconspicuous area of the carpet to check the stability of dye and lint to the effects of the cleaner.

After treatment, stains any of the proposed methods, to dry the product and to assess the cleaning efficiency. Drying is best done with a fan or hair dryer, as they help to avoid repeated displays of spots. If the stain still does not disappear, it is recommended to repeat the process again.

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